Animal Testing

Here are some of our most asked questions. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Do you test on animals?

The Facial Bar confirms that we have never and will never test our products or their individual ingredients/raw materials on animals. We are against animal testing and the mistreatment of animals. We will never knowingly purchase from any supplier or manufacturer who participates in any form of animal testing or cruelty.

Our micas, colorants, individual ingredients, and oils are 100% vegan. We take pride in using and selling only cruelty-free products, and we do not use or sell products that have been tested on animals.

Is The Facial Bar vegan and cruelty free? 
Yes. All of our products are eyes, lips and face safe. Containing no animal byproducts including Carmine & Beeswax.


Is Your site secure? Yes, even while browsing, the website is secured through Squarespace. All checkouts are secured via SSL by Squarespace, Stripe, and Paypal. We do not store or share your information or credit cards.

Product Details & Misc.

Do your products contain sulfates? NO ETHOXYLATES, FORMALDEHYDE DONORS, SULFATES, or PARABENS, TALC OR CARMINE in any of our products. It is important to note that sodium lauroyl lactylate is not the same ingredient as sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS.

Are your products Gluten free? Unfortunately no. Some products may contain wheat germ or hydrolyzed wheat protein. It would be best to read the ingredients before purchase.

Are your products GMO free? Yes! Our oils and ingredients are free of Genetic Modified Engineered Organisms. Our oils are Cold Pressed, Unrefined and/or Refined.

I had an allergic reaction to one of your products, what should I do?
We're so sorry this has happened to you. Please discontinue use immediately and contact your physician as soon as possible.  We however are not responsible for your reaction and list the ingredients before purchase is made. Please contact Customer Service in regards to a refund.

Why airless containers?
Often times we can forget what we are doing. Touching our face, then placing our contaminated hands onto our favorite product. Airless containers prevent cross-contamination and prolong the shelf life of your product, while making sure you get every last drop out. Our containers are recyclable.

I am using the Adult Acne Cleansing Gel and/or AHA Cleansing Gel and my pump is chipping? Due to the acidity of the product this may occur if you are using the bottle in the shower or if the bottle is saturated with water and product. This in no way will effect your product inside the bottle or your skin. We suggest using the cleanser at the bathroom sink or after the shower with semi damp hands.

Why are their no boxes for each item?
Reduce, reuse, recycle! We were able to conserve on cardboard boxes by choosing shrink bands instead. We only ship in 1 bubble bag that is weatherproof. Fewer boxes mean more trees for the environment, and we're okay with that!

Will you carry more cosmetics?
It is possible in the near future. We are a skincare company first. Cosmetics are just a bonus!

Why Mineral cosmetics?
It's simple, minerals are naturally derived from the earth. Mineral cosmetics sit on the surface of the skin, rather than reaching the epidermis or deeper into the dermis causing your pores to clog or become irritated which in turn contributes to adult acne.

What are your FREE SAMPLES? We provide up to two free samples in each order. One being Skin Care related, another Body Care. It depends on what we have in stock, you (the customer) do not get to choose. We do however, randomly place a full sized item in an order. Who knows, you could be the lucky one!

Are you hiring?
At this time we are fully staffed, but keep checking back!

Do you ship internationally? 
See our Shipping page.